I have to be honest.  I’ve had some resistance in me to starting a blog.

It feels like everyone need to stake a claim and be known these days.   I too often feel that social media such as blogging inflates our sense of self-importance, misdirects our desire to be deeply known into the realm of cyberspace, and redirects energies away from our intimate relationships and local communities and relationships.  I knew someone once who felt their spouse bared more of their ‘soul’ on their blog than with them.  It arguably creates a culture of voyeurs and exhibitionists who are then too often focused away from the very things they so passionately write about!

Having stood on that soapbox with that caveat, I do feel I have some good news to share; some reflections that might just point a dim light to the wonder of faith, hope and love – even writing as a tattered and broken, trying-to-be-authentic Christ-follower, family person and community leader.   And so, I think I’ll try and jot some of that down here.

I’ve subtitled this blog ‘resonance, resistance and re-imagination’ because I really do feel I want to move away from ‘relevance’ towards ‘resonance’ and be part of the amazing, wonder-filled work of resisting, re-imagining and  re-membering.

This blog will (likely) take the form of sermons, inspiring links and other fragmented thoughts.

Thanks for reading and waiting alongside.