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Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze have written a compelling book about what they call “Walk Outs Who Walk On”. Here is how they define these so-called “Walk Outs”:

Walk Outs are people who bravely choose to leave behind a world of unsolvable problems, scarce resources, limiting beliefs and destructive individualism. They walk on to the ideas, beliefs and practices that enable them to give birth to new systems that serve community. This is the story of an emerging movement of pioneering leaders and communities around the world who are self-organizing to create healthy and resilient communities.

Does that speak to and challenge the church today, or what?

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About 10 years ago, I was part of starting an experimental, hip, alternative worship service under the umbrella the then-budding emerging-church movement.  Relevance was our mantra.  “How can we make the church more relevant for ‘native post-moderns’”? we asked as we consumed designer beverages at our planning meetings.

Though the experience of starting that worship was a good one, I do have to confess that 10 years on I’m skeptical about the very notion of relevance. I’ve learned that a desire for relevance – especially in the church world – has too much to do with performance, about keeping up with (or mimicking)  the culture and ultimately about making worship a commodity to feed a client base.  It is too often a last-ditch attempt for congregations or denominations to fight with futility against their own imminent death, by simply injecting a little ‘relevance’ into their worship.  Heck, maybe the youth will even show up!

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I waited patiently for the Lord. - Psalm 40

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