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I’m always on the search for interesting worship music.
Recently, I stumbled on some songs from Church of The Beloved, a Lutheran Church plant across the pond in Edmonds, Washington. Beloved is on my bucket list of nearby Churches to visit in the next couple years. (Beloved is also sister parish to Church of the Apostles – also on the list – and, at least from what I’ve heard, the two represent some of the more interesting younger church plants in the Anglican and Lutheran traditions – and both compose a lot of their own worship music – but I digress.)
One of the songs from Beloved that I downloaded to my iPod a while back is based on the words of Martin Luther and is called “Come Holy Ghost”.
One day, it randomly started to play while the kids and I were driving in the car.  The words, backed by a haunting tune went like this:

It was New Years Eve and we’d sat down to dinner – the four of us – Meagan, myself and our almost-three-year-old twin toddlers.

After a rousing rendition of the sung camp prayer “Johnny Appleseed”, we explained what a new year was, and then asked them  both what they wanted to see happen in this new year.

Without blinking, our boy put his fist in the air and said “revolution!”

Our girl, again without pause, rubbed her belly and said “hmm?  a baby!”

A revolution and a baby.  Heck, there are worse things to wish for, aren’t there?

I always thought it was just a cliche, but who was it who said that they grow up just way too fast?  🙂

Somehow, I found myself shopping at Walmart the other day.  I can’t say I’m particularly proud of the fact that I was shopping there. The reason why I was there (as well as my resistance to being there!) is a long story and is outside of the scope of this post.

The ethics and ideals of shopping aside, there I was, pushing my 2-year old son in an oversized shopping buggy when, seemingly out of nowhere, he  started shouting a song at the top of his lungs.

Yes, right there in the middle of the produce section – somewhere between the genetically modified peppers and the biotech plums he started shouting this:

 Holy Holy Holy Lord! God of Power and Might!
Heaven and Earth of Your Glory are filled!
Hosanna in the Highest!

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I waited patiently for the Lord. - Psalm 40

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