Rob Crosby-Shearer is a Christ-follower, spouse, father, church planter, social justice activist, contemplative, neo-monastic, preacher, liturgist, lay minister and worship musician.

He is married to Meagan and they are parents to incredible twins born in 2010.  The Crosby-Shearer’s live in Victoria, BC after having made a move from Toronto in August 2012.

Rob has worked in Christian ministry for the last 15 years.  He and Meagan co-planted the Jeremiah Community and Rob also lived for 5 years as a Catholic Worker. Rob has worked in youth ministry, local and international justice work, Christian education and music/praise leadership and also founded and directed the Nidus Festival in 2006 which was part of the Canadian Council of Churches. He was music director for 5 years at Wine Before Breakfast. Somewhere in there he co-owned an organic bakery and did several long bike trips across half this country.

Rob is currently a Novice (and co-founder/leader) in the new monastic Emmaus Community as well as working as Community Life Minister at St. Philip Anglican Church in Victoria, where, among other things he started the Bluegrass Mass.  He is also a ‘postulant’ for ordained ministry.

He loves family life, good coffee and Belgian Trappist / Abbey beers, responsible travel, listening to all kinds of music (really!), making electronic music, bike riding, and cooking and baking up a storm.

Rob can be reached by emailing robcrosbyshearer [at]