Wow, it’s been almost a year and 9 months since I last posted here.

To be honest, I’ve been internally debating the value of blogging – and also wrestling-with / praying-through what  of value I might have to say in a public blog format at this point in my life.

First an update: In the last year – as the kids have been growing in so many amazing ways – we bought a house with our friend Margot (Belmont House here in Fernwood – I’m sitting in the front yard as I write this) and started discerning our neo-monastic vocation; praying as Novices (officially 6 of us – and others too) most weekdays with Emmaus Community in our front-room chapel, as well as experimenting in how we might connect with the neighborhood through acts of being sent out and living hospitably.  There have been many open meals.  A blooming boulevard garden.  Many acts of radical imagination (some just starting to take fruition). Meagan’s been studying madly, and also working at the Local General Store.  We’ve been co-parenting – and the kids have been 3 afternoons a week at preschool (and home the rest of the time).  She graduated last month and (God-willing) will be ordained 3 weeks from today.

Life is changing for us.  Amaya and Zion are entering kindergarten next year.  I’m staying employed at St. Philip, Oak Bay – but going down to half time (at my request) in September in order to work more with Emmaus (the folks at St. Philip have been incredibly supportive and sustaining through this all); including developing a micro-enterprise  – possibly baking, canning, or brewing or both – as well as planting a Sunday afternoon worshiping community here in the neighbourhood (you can see for the embryonic thoughts about this).  To make this shift possible, we’ve been in dialogue with various denominational partners and friends – and have (more-or-less) secured a salary for at least a year!  It’s a bit of a leap – but we’re excited.

As I’ve discerned, I’ve been thinking it might be nice to write some short sketch-stories about my fairly eventful life (past and present – especially as a parent, spouse, traveler-pilgrim, neo-monastic and church planter), some reflections of being a broken yet whole Trinitarian, Jesus-loving Christian who occupies a both post-evangelical & post-liberal space (and the strange ecclesial word that puts me in)… and maybe the odd fun / cultural / musical thing too.

In doing that, I’m going to try to be honest and direct, but hopefully not too angry –  gracious, but not cheaply so – and vulnerable, but not over-share.  If I miss the mark on any of this, please do let me know.

It feels good and right to be back.

More soon, friends.

in Christ.